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any and ALL things we could use:


  • funding (see donations page) for media mail shipping costs, for packing materials, for fundraising, for all expenses;
  • people power with help for fundraising (and grant finding and writing?);
  • help finding speaking events or presentations at any venues, churches, houses;
  • help with outreach;
  • people to help with making flyers;
  • people to flyer;
  • people to help us network with the broader prisoner support community;
  • volunteers to help package books;
  • donations of books (leave a bin at your job, your collective house, have a party where people bring excess books);
  • a printer to print invoices and resource guides for prisoners or a printing hookup;
  • packing tape;
  • butcher paper or other suitable, bulk packing material for books;
  • a larger venue to house prison books (right now we are in the second room of someone’s apartment), a public space is ideal;
  • help tabling or finding events to table and do outreach;
  • anything else you can think of!